Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a Lowly Partscore

A little while ago, Susie and I attended Jonathan Steinberg's retirement party at Hazel's Bridge Club in Toronto. As many of you probably already know, Jonathan is retiring from the board after 15 years of service.

It was a pleasant game (with cake!), and a pretty strong field for a club game. Here is a great hand Susie played that I wanted to share:

Yes, it's just a simple 3C contract, but on hands like these many matchpoints can be won! Susie received the h2 lead to the hA, and a heart was returned. After some thought, before drawing any trumps, Susie decided to work on diamonds, since she was conveniently in the dummy, and drawing trumps could complicate the hand if things didn't go well.

So, Susie led a diamond from dummy and played the .... king! When the dQ fell under it, she drew three rounds of trumps ending in the dummy, and ran the d9. East-West were unable to stop her from scoring +130 and 90% of the matchpoints. +110 would have been only a 40% score.

I asked Susie later why she led to the diamond king. She said: "I was sure East had the Ace for his 2H overcall, and when he didn't hop up with it I thought there was a good chance that if I played the jack, West would win and somebody would eventually get a diamond ruff. I was happy to lead a diamond to the king and exit a diamond, planning to make my contract exactly. The queen falling was an unexpected bonus!"


Memphis MOJO said...

Nicely done!

Memphis MOJO said...

Did you go to Boston? Bridge deals -- your readers await!