Saturday, June 07, 2008

Canadian Bridge Week Wrap Up

Congrats to these winners of Bridge Week events:

Canadian National Teams Championship

1. Nicolas L'Ecuyer, Marc-André Fourcaudot, Dan Jacob, Kamel Fergani, Robert Lebi,
Vincent Demuy

Canadian Womens' Teams Championship

1. Pamela Nisbet, Karen Cumpstone, Martine Lacroix, Pascale Gaudreault, Kismet Fung, Susan Culham

Canadian Seniors Teams Championship

1. Stephen Brown - Edward Zaluski - Bill Bowman - John Bowman, Ottawa ON; Jurek Czyzowicz, Gatineau QC; Doug Fraser, Victoria BC

Canadian Open Pairs Championship

1. Cameron Doner, Richmond BC; Bradley Bart, Burnaby BC

Full results can be found here.

Jonathan Steinberg and Bert Eccles placed 4th in the COPC event this year. Although they were leading after Day 1, they were unable to resist a strong surge by the eventual winners, Cam Doner and Brad Bart. Here is a hand that Jonathan played on day one:

Jonathan arrived in 3NT (Bert's double of 1S showed 4 hearts) and was greeted by a low club lead from West. He won the cK in the dummy, crossed to hand with a diamond, and led another club up. When West rose with the cA and continued clubs, Jonathan was pretty sure that West was 5=5 in the black suits. It seems that he is simply a trick short, but do you see how he made his contract?

Jonathan won the cQ, and exited a club, allowing West to cash the rest of his club suit. East, feeling the pressure of having to protect both red suits, discarded a spade on the run of the clubs. When West played a spade next, Jonathan ducked! Now he had lost 4 tricks, which rectified the count for a squeeze against East. East played a heart now, but nothing mattered and East had to surrender in one red suit or the other when Jonathan cashed the sA. Well played, and this board was worth 18 / 24 matchpoints en route to a solid 67% game.

It's off to Penticton shortly for the regional there, where "squeeze expert" Jonathan Steinberg and I will be playing all week with Bernie Lambert and Gerry Marshall. Wish us luck!

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